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The Flathead County Mosquito Control (FCMC) program has two primary goals. The first is to protect the citizens of Flathead County from mosquito born diseases such as West Nile Virus. The second goal is to reduce the negative impact of nuisance mosquitos on outdoor activities. These goals are achieved through a comprehensive approach, employing integrated pest management principles in a program that is environmentally responsible, fiscally prudent and operationally effective.

Our program owes much of its current success to the cooperative efforts of private land owners, businesses, land managers and an involved public. You know best where the water is located on your property. When you share that information with us, our trained technicians will assess whether the water is a producer of mosquitos and if appropriate, work with you to reduce mosquitos using the most environmentally safe products possible. It is with your help, we can help you.

Pesticide Discharge Management Plan 2018

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Options regarding Adult Mosquito Control and a note to Beekeepers.

Flathead County Mosquito Control respects your right to limit the amount of chemical that may be used around your property.  FCMC does, and will always use the lowest toxicity larvicides first, in an effort to reduce mosquito numbers.  In the event that more toxic chemicals (adulticides) must be used to reduce disease carrying mosquitoes or when nuisance mosquitoes present a problem and exceed acceptable thresholds, you may choose to Opt-Out” of this control method on your property.  Please follow this “Opt-Out link to provide us with the required information so that if an adulticide spray treatment becomes necessary near your property, we can shut off the truck mounted fogger until we pass by.

 Aduliticide chemicals are toxic to bees, fish and aquatics if not used in accordance with the labels.  FCMC and the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) recognizes the importance of bees, beekeepers , our natural pollinators and the environment.   Fogging from a truck mounted machine has an effective spray drift of about 300 ft. and are conducted in the evening when bees have returned to their nests or hives.  To protect your hives you may “Opt-Out” as in the above paragraph and you can be notified by email by completing this NotifyMe  information.

  “NotifyMe” emails will include a map of the affected area.  Refer back to this website at that time for other updates and information.

Mosquito Control

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