Flathead Zero to Five

What We Do: 

Zero to Five Flathead County partners with a diverse group of agencies, organizations and community members to create a multi sector, county wide collaborative that is dedicated to promoting health and resiliency in families with young children. We are committed to a Flathead County where all families and individuals with children ages 0-5 are valued, connected, and empowered through community supported parenting. Together, we work to improve a child’s first five years of life and to advocate for our county’s youngest community members.

How We Do It: 

Zero to Five Flathead County works to improve positive outcomes for families and children through community engagement, partnership development, informed research, and ongoing advocacy. We work to improve our early childhood systems and to create sustainable solutions by enhancing our community’s assets and utilizing our collective strengths. We engage community partners, families, parents, and guardians in ways that are genuine, authentic, and meaningful. This includes participating in outreach opportunities, building capacity in our partners, and connecting families to resources and opportunities.

COVID19 Relief Funding Support

In the spirit of Collaboration and Partnership, Zero to Five Flathead County has established the Covid19 relief funding process to provide support Early Childhood Organizations in Flathead County affected by Covid19. There are limited number of funds, requests can be made up to $1,000. If you are an agency or organization who provides services for children ages 0-5, you can apply for funding.

Download and submit this form to apply.